Multipoint has a long-standing business relationships with over 2000 customers - from the leading companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa
Over the years, we have built a wide and high-quality database of sought-after talents in the industry, and together with a deep familiarity with the cyber market, we have decided to make the required move and connect the two

The recruitment, placement and outsourcing service provides you with

Behind layers of protection technologies, you need the people with the deep knowledge and capabilities that will keep all cyber systems in top performance, and be able to respond to security incidents quickly and efficiently. You need people that can look a step further. In short, you need cyber, software and IT professionals. And that’s our specialty

.Only professionals. Only talents

We know exactly what skills your candidates need to maintain the organization. We will screen out candidates for you based on unique methodology and parameters – which were developed by Multipoint’s extensive knowledge and experience in providing tools and professionals to organizations in the Israeli and Global Market

Personal attention
Our high focus in the cyber world allows us to provide personal treatment to employees and employers, to ensure high satisfaction on all sides, and to ensure that the task of protecting your organization is carried out in the best possible way

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