Tap into the global talent pool to recruit your next expert in Cybersecurity, DevOps, Big Data, Networks, and more

Hire at
a Startup Speed

Don't spend valuable time. Let our experts handle screening, contracting in the pace you that fits your own.

Work Global.
Pay Local.

Overcome with ease over barriers in hiring a global talent. Multipoint handles all payments to anywhere in the world, and let's you focus on what's matters the most.

Jump easily over the Talent Gap

Struggle to find the talent you need in the local market?
Put it behind you. Go Global.

With Multipoint you can locate and hire the world’s top talents with confidence.
No Compromise. With our talents pool and worldwide business network, we can locate candidates with exact traits and experience you are looking for.

How does Top Global Talents work?

You get a premium service, the one you'd expect from yourself. 1. Let us know what exactley are you looking for. 2. Go Back to working on your project for 7 days 3. We'll have 1-3 candidates that you'll love to have on your team. 4. Sign a contract and start hiring with no hassles on the side.

Let us know the what...

We'll supply the How

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